Beyond the Walls Education (BWE) provides post secondary / college planning  including Gap Year Planning  for students, and their families.  We do this by creating a comprehensive post secondary plan that will  maximize experience and minimize debt. BWE tailors post secondary plans to the particular needs of students, by working closely with students, and their families, teachers, and schools.   


  • A well developed Post Secondary / Gap Year plan enhances students learning and is cost effective.
  • A well planned Post Secondary experience enhances a resume.
  • Many colleges are now recognizing the benefits of Gap Years.
  • Students who learn through experience feel more connected and engaged and therefore are invested in their own learning to a much greater degree.
  • Taking time away from formal education gives time to reflect on what is the best way to achieve ones life goals.
  • Students are better prepared for post-secondary education and entering tomorrow’s workforce. 
  • An outside expert is able to see and say things that insiders may not.