K - 12 Personal Tutoring for Success

Does your child struggle with reading, writing, math, social studies or science?

Do they need extra help developing study skills?

Are they preparing for the ACT or SAT?



Chris Brown of Beyond the Walls Education has many years of experience teaching in all of these areas.  Chris takes a unique approach to tutoring students by incorporating experiential learning techniques to make the learning real, relatable, and fun.  These techniques are proven to engage students who may be struggling and help them retain what they have learned.  If a student is having a hard time understanding word meaning through context, activities that incorporate the context of the reading are included.  If a student is having difficulties with fractions, recipes using measuring cups might be involved.   Some lessons might involve going outdoors and finding elements related to the discipline they are working on improving.  The Socratic method is employed using questions to help students find the answers rather than simply telling them.  Studies indicate that students who are active participants in their learning are more likely to retain what they have learned and they build upon that knowledge.  



Their are a variety of location options.  

1. On site at Beyond the Walls Education

2. Meeting at the students home

3. Meeting at a  park, library, zoo or museum.

4. Remote (least desirable)   

All options will be discussed with the parent(s) / guardian(s). If the third option is chosen the arrangements will be taken care of by Beyond the Walls Education


Every student is different in what their needs are and how they learn

  • K-12 Reading
  • K-12 Writing
  • K- 8  Math 
  • K- 8 Science
  • Study Skills
  • ACT and SAT Prep
  • ELL Support


The costs for tutoring services vary according to needs, location and length of time desired. 

  • 1/2 hour - $25 
  • 1 hour - $35 
  • Students house - add $5
  • Other location - add $5
  • ACT or SAT - $40 hour
  • Remote - $30 - hour

Chris Browns' Resume
To see Chris's extensive experience in education you can download his resume'.
Chris Brown resume May 2023.pdf
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