Welcome to my Part Time Hobo page.  This is in anticipation of the book I will be releasing:

Part Time Hobo -


Stories for the Teacher in All of Us

After many years of traveling, adventures, and a long career in education, I have a collection of tales  to tell.  Some are outlandish, others silly, some are dangerous, and a whole lot more that are just plain fun.  I tie these stories in with a bit of history, geography, cultural tidbits and trivial pursuit information. I bind them together in how they have formed me into who I am as a person and an educator. Along the way I ask the reader to give pause and reflect on the stories that have shaped and made them.  Many of the yarns I spin are tales I have told many times over the years. 


  You will have to read the book to learn what's behind the the above picture, but here is a small offering of others: 

  • Sledding with Hall of Fame power home run hitter Frank Howard.
  • Arguing with President Richard Nixon at Bart Starrs' Testimonial when I was twelve years old.
  • Building an actual train in high school we ran down the tracks next to the Fox River in Green Bay.
  • Senior year high school social studies teacher allowing me to bring a Nazi lunatic to our sociology class.
  • Canoeing through a forest fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area 
  • Spending a year on the road in a converted 1964 Dodge van exploring the West. 
  • Hopping a train over the infamous Donner's Pass
  • Ripping up prime Grateful Dead tickets for Jesus
  • Experiencing the 1989 World Series earth quake at ground zero in downtown San Francisco
  • Spending two years on tiny island of Marakei in the Central Pacific 
  • Inner tubing down the most dangerous part of the Mekong River
  • Exploring the Golden Triangle area of Thailand 
  • Spending time with Sadhus in Varanasi India
  • Drinking with Nepalese Soldiers on the Nepal - Tibet Border  
  • Canoeing deep into a Mayan Cave in a jungle in Belize 
  • Starting three public schools
  • Fleeing raging wildfires in outback Australia 
  • Leading college students around Guatemala
  • Goofy tales from my many years in high school and college classrooms 
  • And many many more.

Along the way you will also learn a bit about the following:

  • Why the Packers are so important to Green Bay and what it really means to be an owner
  • A short history of the Boundary Waters and the role it played in the fur trade
  • The geology and a brief history of Door County Wisconsin
  • The Donner Party
  • The culture of the islands of Kiribati
  • The Island country of Nauru, once the richest country in the world
  • A brief history of why Hmong fled Laos and resettled in the United States
  • The Full Moon Party in Koh Pha Ngan Thailand
  • Facts and tidbits about the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata India, The Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Mackinaw Straits Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge 
  • Why Varanasi is a holy city for Hindus
  • the Bot Fly and it's reproduction
  • 1965 civil rights march in Selma Alabama
  • Brief history of Iceland
  • And much much more


You can also here and see me spin some of these yarns on my You Tube Channel Part Time Hobo

Please check back to my website for updates on the release  of the book.



Part Time Hobo (Chris)