Cooperation and Competition - The Role of Sports

Sports play a huge role in the lives of all humans.  Whether it is the NFL, sandlot softball, swimming or playground tag or camel racing, we all tend to participate in sports in one way or another.  Sports are important in they way we both work together as well as compete against one another.  Soccer teams only work well when all of the players on a team cooperate with one another.  yes their may be better players on a team but they too must work with all to be successful.  At the same time teams compete against one another in order to show that they are superior.


In this workshop Chris shares how sports have impacted and informed him.  Growing up in Green Bay Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers made a tremendous impact on his community and own life.  Vince Lombardi lived just down the street.  He also was a skier, swimmer, tennis player and all around fan of all kinds of sports.  He and his wife even moved to Sydney Australia after being inspired by the 2000 Olympics.


Participants will be encouraged to share the impact of sports in their life and reflect on how this has helped shape who they are.   They will then think of ways they can use those experiences to continue to inform their own teaching or management strategies.