How We Learn

Much has been theorized and researched regarding how we learn and retain our pool of knowledge.  Most educators agree that most learning occurs in informal settings with formal education helping make sense of it all.  We learn about the world around us through experience and then organize those experiences in our formal education, this is true for math as well as language acquisition, sciences, the arts and physical activities.  


Chris has spent most of his life in formal education settings, starting with preschool and continuing on to a career in teaching and education administration.  He realizes that while he has had extensive formal education experience, a great deal of his learning has taken place in informal settings. Whether it has been traveling to new places, enjoying natures, trying new activities, sports and hobbies, or simply building and planting things, this is where he has learned the most.


During this workshop Chris shares some tales of what he has learned from both institutions as well as from the real world.  He shares tales of influential teachers in his life, including some that had very little formal education themselves.  He also guides the participants through activities that ask them to recall and reflect how they best learn and what have they learned form others that has made an impact.