Learning from Failure

When you try something new there is a good chance that your new idea or approach may not work out as you had hoped.  Imagine a child learning to walk.  They are modeling what they observe older people do to move around and they want to do the same thing.  They invariably fall down frequently when they try.  Imagine if they never tried again after the first tumble.  Yet they try new tactics,  persevere and after several months of failure they begin to walk and then they walk more, and all too soon they are running.  Not quickly completing a task or goal as had been hoped is common for all of us.


Chris has certainly had his failures over his lifetime and he has learned from every one of them.  Initially he failed miserably at cross cultural communications while in the Peace Corps but learned and eventfully became very good at it.  He helped start and direct a school based on Experiential Learning principals, and often faced setbacks however his knowledge and belief in experiential based curriculum only grew and was strengthened.  


In this workshop Chris shares a few of his stories of failure and how he has learned form these along the way. Participants will be gently coaxed to examine various points in their own lives where they have tried new things only to be let down at the end and feel like a "failure."  They will also be encouraged to reflect on those "failed" attempts and what they believe they have learned and how they have strenghtend them in the long run.