Our Roots

Where is it we come from and how has that shaped who we are?  The family, community, culture and norms we grew up with play a significant role in who we become as adults.  As teachers or managers it is important to understand how our own background may affect how and what we teach.  Do we let our back  ground  help us continue to grow or do we let it inhibit us.  It is important to reflect on this.


Chris has long recognized how his own upbringing has shaped him.  Growing up in a community that was defined by the cultural norms of European Americans as well as the Green Bay Packers, along with a family that was politically split, Chris has many tales of how his early life shaped who he is today.  He uses these tales to get others to reflect on their own upbringing, community and how those have laid a foundation on how they approach teaching others.


Participant will be asked to examine their own families cultural values and norms, where they come from and how they continue to play a role in their lives today.