Tales from the Classroom - The Front Lines

Some of the deepest most difficult as well as  funniest learning experiences actually come from the students or colleagues we are supposed to be teaching.  Many teachers would agree that over the years their students have taught them far more than they have taught their students.  This may come from the questions they ask out of curiosity, or the silly situations, they stumble into or an ethical dilemma they may cause you to face.  The fact of the matter is, the more time you spend teaching the more you wind up learning. 


With over 35 years spent in classrooms or formal learning situations, Chris has a deep well of stories from the front.  From teaching high school social studies to running several multicultural schools to teaching in the education department of a liberal arts University.  He has taught overseas as well in the school just down the block and has a multitude of tales form every experience.


Chris shares these stories and then encourages others to recall and share their own.  At the end of the workshop the participants create a mosaic of their own stories and use that mosaic to both entertain and inform.