Todays' Challenges

First it was cars, then it was instant cake mix follwed by the microwave and then the computer.  All of these were supposed to make our lives easier, and depending how you look at it this might be the case.  However there is no denying that life is far more complicated today than it ever has been.  How do we control the pollution, noise and congestion cars have caused?  How do we eat a well balanced diet? What happens when when the electricity goes and we can't heat up our food?  And how do we keep up with the rapid changes in technology?  Most importantly, what do we do when thrown a major curve ball such as a death in the family or loss of a job.  Finally, many of us are raising kids as well as helping our aging parents deal with later life issues.  It's tough to do all of this and still be at the top of our profession.


In this workshop Chris shares stories of how these challenges have affected him personally.  Some of the challenges he has faced have been difficult and tragic, yet he is able to pull humorous and poignant tales out of these situations and share how he has learned about himself through these. 


Workshop participant will gently be guided through activities that cause them to look at their own challenges and how they have informed or continue to shape who they are.