Music and the Arts - Why they are so Important

Music is one of the primary ways stories have been told through out history and cultures and how they continue to be told.  Whether it was the news of the day delivered by a minstrel, songs that passed on the knowledge of prior generations, songs of sorrow,  or hymns of  praise, music is universally important.   This is certainly the case in Chris Browns life.  It started when he was young listening to Bob Dylan as well as Peter, Paul and Mary, and the Beatles. It then progressed from his first Rolling Stones concert to a large album collection and seeking out local and national bands. To this day music plays an important role in his life.  Through out his teaching career he has used music in his classes to help teach and tell tales.  


In this workshop Chris shares some of his tales of music both in and out of the classroom and how music has played a large role in who he is and how he teaches.  Participants will be expected to examine the role of music in their own life, how it has influenced them, created memories and how they currently use it in their own lives.  They will also be expected to develop thoughtful and purposeful uses of music in their own class room or management of others.