Strategic Planning - Your Road Map To Continual Improvement


Why Strategic Planning?

COVID 19 caused one of the biggest disruptions and shifts in education in many decades.  As plans are made for a return to "normal" what will that be?  We must ask 'What has been learned from this experience and what should be kept and what can be discarded.  There were also many social justice issues that were exposed with the death of George Floyd.  How will schools effectively address these disparities in their culture and curriculum?    While many of the abrupt   changes were extremely challenging,  a great deal was also learned.  How will schools use this and come back better than ever?


A well developed strategic plan is one of the most important  tools a school can use as it moves forward in planning for a future of excellence.  It also is a cost saver for a school when well informed decisions are made.   The best decisions re made when input from a wide variety of stake holders and  the collective knowledge of the school community are taken into account.