Strategic Plan Cost


A well done strategic plan that is followed is actually a cost saver for a school.  Strategic plans help schools make decisions that are focused and with purpose.  When a school drifts or looses its' focus on the vision and mission, all too often money is thrown at a problem with out having clarity as to why.  These types of decisions are often wasteful in both time and money.  


The cost of a detailed strategic plan will vary depending on the depth and scope of the plan, the size of the school or district, the number of priorities being addressed, and the number of years a plan is based on.   With this in mind a strategic plan can cost anywhere between  $5,000 to $25,000.  Once a school has decided to pursue developing a strong strategic plan, a meeting is organized  between BTWE and the designated administrator from the school or district.  The meeting will focus on the needs and priorities of the school as they relate to the vison and mission. 


After taking into account the scope, depth, goals, length of time (three or five year strategic plan), along with the size of the school community, a proposal will be submitted to the school administrator.  This will occur  within two  days.  The proposal will lay out the process, activities and timeline necessary to accomplish the strategic plan goals of the school.   The cost of the strategic plan is based on $100 an hour.  The cost will be broken down in the proposal according to activities and estimated time needed to accomplish the strategic planning process and final product.