Strategic Plan

Once input and data are collected from the planning process a detailed plan in the form of a  booklet and a web ready electronic copy will be produced.  After the large group strategic planning forum, the school or school district will receive a detailed strategic plan for three or five years.  Plans are organized based on the priorities (Academics and Curriculum, Facility/ Materials/Finances, Human Resources, Social/Emotional  Well Being, Engagement, Technology) that were identified during the planning process.  For example, one school might have the facilities and equipment identified as a high priority need while another school might identify Social Emotional Well Being  as a top priority.


Following each priority are sub categories that were identified as needing to be  addressed.  If a school has identified Human Resources as a high priority area it may have recruiting teachers of color as a sub category.  These sub categories will each have a goal that was determined during the strategic planning process.  Each goal is accompanied by actions and activities needed to accomplish the goal, the measurements that will show growth and accomplishment and the person or persons responsible.  A timeline of activities and completion dates will also be included. 


Once a strategic plan has  been developed and delivered there are several follow up options.  The school can choose to continue to work with BWE  for the delivery of the plan to the school community and to continue to monitor progress.  This neutrality often makes it easier for the various people involved with implementing the strategic plan in the school.