Urban  - Rural School Exchanges (RLLL)

Reach - Listen - Learn - Lead (RLLL) is an exchange program between urban, suburban and rural schools.   Recent elections have clearly pointed out a divide of understanding between metropolitan areas of the country and more rural areas.  In order to address this divide it is important that we get to know and understand one another.   Our young people in their schools and classrooms are the perfect place for this to begin to happen.  RLLL is an exchange program that aims to do just that.  The exchanges are designed for middle school and high school age students and can be between schools, classrooms in two different schools , or clubs within two school.  The exchanges take place both electronically and  physically.  For more information please review the following Power Point presentation.

Reach - Listen - Learn - Lead (RLLL)
An introduction power Point to the RLLL program.
Reach Listen Learn Lead.pptx
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