Fees for Service

BWE can actually save you money by helping reduce teacher turnover rates and retaining younger teachers who have been recently hired.  Costs vary according to needs of the school, number of staff participating and the time spent developing and supporting programs and curriculum.  It is recommended that a team of educators work together for a semester or year along with BWE for approximately 10 hours a week, which would include 6 hours of face to face time, 2 hours of on line time and 2 hours preparation. 

Therefore a yearlong commitment would cost approximately $25,000.


For other short term services the overall fee structure is based on the following:

Hourly rate: $120 Per hour up to twenty hours. After 20 hours the hourly rate drops to $110.

Daily rate: $800

Half day workshop (3 hours): $650

Full Day workshop: $1,000

Three Day workshop: $2,500