Beyond the Walls Education (BWE) takes the approach that the more stakeholder voices that are heard and honored , the more authentic the results. The planning process includes input from students, parents, teachers / staff, administrators, and community members. This broad selection delivers the widest perspectives and ideas.  It is the role of the school to provide access to vital documents,  stakeholders, and provide feedback throughout the process.  BWE does the rest taking a seven step approach that includes the following:


1. When a school administrator, site council, or school board determines they would like to move forward with a strategic plan, a meeting is held between BWE and the appropriate school administrator.  While this initial meeting can be done through Zoom, an in person meeting is preferable.  We start with the questions 'What is your vision and mission and are you meeting it? Where are you falling short?  With these questions guiding the process, the needs and priorities of the schools are then addressed.  A three or five year plan will be determined.  A plan and cost proposal will be delivered to the school administrator within two days. 

2. A strategic planning team is created.  This team will include a member from each of the five stakeholder groups and BWE.  This team will ensure the process is transparent and will  ensure communication with the stakeholders they represent.   

3. Important documents from the previous five years will be reviewed to gain context and perspective in regards to the goals for the upcoming plan.  These documents may include (but not necessarily limited to): annual reports, annual budget and auditboard minutes, previous strategic plan, Q Comp reports, Worlds Greatest Workforce reports, test score data, authorizer reports (for charter schools), Department of Education data, etc.  

4. A survey of 10 to 15 questions each will be sent out to a broad section of  the five stakeholder groups which includes students, teachers/staff, administrators, parents and community members.  The questionnaires will help narrow the focus regarding the priorities that were initially discussed. 

5. A series of five smaller focus groups (6 - 7 randomly chosen stakeholders) will be held to develop a narrative around the priorities and examine what goals will be needed to achieve these goals. 

6.  Following the smaller focus groups a large gorup forum will be held with 10 or 11 participants from each stakeholder group.  This will be dependent on the size of the school. During this time a series of small group and large group guided discussions will be conducted, focusing on goals, action steps, measurements of success and completion, and identifying the position(s) responsible. 

7.   A complete strategic plan will be delivered to the school after the final forum.   The plan will be delivered in a printed booklet form along with an electronic web ready copy.   The plan will be laid out according to the priorities of the school along with the goals, action plans, measurement of success or completion, position(s) responsible and a timeline.       

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This brief 10 slide Power Point Presentation lays out the Strategic Planning Process
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