What is Beyond the Walls Education

Learning should be fun, a Childs' curiosity must be nurtured, and students need to feel connected. 


Beyond the Walls Education (BWE) was founded on these simple but crucial concepts along with the belief that the majority of our learning comes informally from life itself.  Understanding the role schools plays in our learning process, BWE is dedicated to helping  schools and their students link the formal learning setting of schools and the informal learning in the world around them. 


The past several years with COVID 19 restrictions, quarantines, and Distance Learning, has put a spotlight on the  huge challenge of meeting the needs of all students, teachers, and our greater communities.  There has also been a renewed call to come to terms with centuries of systemic racisms.  We have  seen our democratic institutions stressed to levels never experienced  in recent times.  All of of these have had a huge impact on our education system putting further stress on our students and already scarce resources. 


Recognizing these challenges, BWE  works in a variety of ways to help all students become contributing citizens and life long learners.   Working with schools to proactively plan for the future we offer comprehensive Strategic Planning.  We help teachers create active, experience based curriculum that incorporates civics and social justice, engages students and keeps them at the center of their learning.   BWE can help your school create  a strong teacher induction and mentoring program along with providing staff development workshops. Finally, through the Kiribati Project BWE provides a cultural insight into the effects of climate change on indigenous people.


Chris Brown is the founder and primary consultant with Beyond the Walls Education.  He works with a network of highly experienced and respected educators who have vast experience and come from a wide array of disciplines and expertise.